Why America needs a ‘women’s revolution’

By NICK PAULUS The first time I got into politics was in 1993.At the time, the Democratic Party was struggling to make gains against the Republicans.A Democratic congressman, Bill Bradley, had just been elected to Congress and was pushing a new progressive agenda for the party.“I thought, Oh my God, I’m going to get involvedRead More

Which business card is the best for your business?

Business cards have been the bread and butter of business for the past 50 years, but they are becoming increasingly difficult to find.In fact, according to an online marketplace for business cards, the number of cards available is expected to drop by 60% by 2020, from approximately 500 million cards to approximately 5.4 billion cards,Read More

Why I’m quitting my job and starting a small business

I’m tired of dealing with my company’s corporate culture.It’s a culture where people don’t seem to respect my autonomy, my independence, my creative abilities, or my creativity.It also allows for a lot of micromanagement, so much so that my personal time is limited to meeting with and communicating with a single executive team member.And it’sRead More