How to Find The Best Business License in FL

The State of Florida licenses businesses, including hotels, condominiums, and condos, in many ways, and business licenses are a valuable tool for finding a location, but there are some other options available to businesses.If you’re looking to rent or buy a business license in Florida, you may find it useful to consider this article forRead More

How to buy your business’s license online

Business owners and businesses can apply to have their businesses registered online using the business name generation tool.This guide will help you decide which business name is the most appropriate for your business, and which one is best for you.Business name generator Business name generation is the process of creating a unique business name forRead More

Lawsuit filed over FL business license

A Florida business owner is suing her former employer over the way she is allowed to run her business.Key points: The lawsuit claims the state’s business license is based on a ‘grossly outdated’ state law that “undermines the right to be self-sufficient”The lawsuit says the law “undermine[s] the right of self-sufficiency”The Florida Department of BusinessRead More