How to name your business and how to pay for it

The financial world is full of ideas and jargon.But one of the most common ones is business name ideas.The concept is simple: When it comes to naming your business, you can name a product, a brand or a service.So how do you get started?You start by naming your product, which you can do with theRead More

Why businesses are paying more for ecommerce services

Businesses are paying about 50% more for online sales than they did just a few years ago.Here’s what we know.Business costco/GettyImagesBusinesses are spending more on online sales for two reasons: 1) They are spending a larger percentage of their sales on those online ads, and 2) They’re paying more to get those online sales through.TheRead More

The family business is going through a difficult time

Business Insider (UK).The family business was recently ranked No.1 on the global rankings of the world’s top companies, but a growing number of people are expressing concern about the prospects for the company.According to the Financial Times, the company, which was founded by her father in the 1980s, is facing a number of challenges, includingRead More