How to make a profit on Facebook

Facebook says its biggest acquisition so far, $1 billion in cash, was worth about $2 billion to its users in the first three months of its launch.The news comes as the company tries to gain more traction with advertisers.Facebook also said it had earned $100 million on its acquisition of Oculus VR, its virtual realityRead More

When is Comcast getting too expensive?

comcast Business Internet will soon begin charging extra for its customers to access certain services, including Netflix and Hulu, according to the company’s Chief Financial Officer, David Hickey.Netflix, which has been the most expensive service provider for Comcast, will be one of the first to go through the new service.Netflix will charge an additional feeRead More

How to get an MBA in business from Verizon

The world’s biggest wireless carrier, Verizon, announced plans to add a new business program that would give aspiring entrepreneurs a business education from its business schools.Verizon Business College will begin in 2018 with more than 100 schools around the country.The school is part of Verizon’s “One Verizon” initiative, which aims to bring business to underservedRead More

House Democrats demand probe into bank bailout

House Democrats on Tuesday demanded an independent inquiry into the Federal Reserve’s decision to bail out big banks with taxpayer money, as they continue to push for the Justice Department to launch an investigation into the bailout.The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is expected to release a draft report on Wednesday that could shedRead More

How to find and read best business books for women

The best business book for women isn’t necessarily one that appeals to everyone.That’s because the best business advice isn’t always easy to find.The best books on topics like productivity, marketing, productivity, and marketing are a topic that has become more accessible to women over the last several years.And those topics are not as easy toRead More

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