Oregon business registry gives away free business card to businesses

A Portland business registry that gives away business cards and free business registration to qualified Oregonians has found a way to keep it going without paying for advertising, with more than a quarter of the cardholders receiving the cards.

The Portland Business Registry (PBRC) opened the online application for business cards in October 2015 and began accepting applications for new cards at the beginning of January.

That’s when the online card sales were slowed down, with the registry not receiving as many applications as it might have, said board member Chris Bower.

In January 2016, the PBRC’s executive director, Julie Williams, announced that the board was considering creating a new business card for Oregon, which would have an expiration date of Feb. 28, 2020, instead of the date the current one expires in 2020.

In February, the Oregon Business Board also approved the creation of a business card registration and online application program.

Williams told the Business Register she would not be able to start the new program until a business board meeting was held and the board approved the plan, but said the PBECR had not been asked to do anything that could have a detrimental impact on the current program.

The PBRC is currently seeking funding for a $1.2 million fund to support the program.

Since the program launched in October, the registry has received almost 2,200 applications for the cards, with about 10 percent of those cards being accepted, Bower said.

In a statement, the company said the goal of the program was to make it easier for businesses to register, register their business and maintain their business as a business.

But, according to the statement, that program was not designed to provide the benefit of business registration.

“The PBRC does not collect, store or sell business cards,” the statement said.

“The only business cards that the PBSC collects are those purchased at the card issuer’s store.

In the event that an organization wishes to make changes to their card, the cardholder should contact the card holder to make the necessary changes to the card.”

According to the PBCC website, “business cards are used by business owners, entrepreneurs and small business owners to offer a variety of services, such as opening an account, registering a business, renewing an existing business license, providing legal services, creating a credit report, and more.”

Bower said he has seen many businesses that had to file a new credit report or create a new filing to get their business card renewed because of the new registration requirement.

The new registration fee is also going to cost businesses an extra $5.50.

Bower, who serves as the president of the Oregon Chamber of Commerce, said he was disappointed to hear that the new business registration program was being phased out.

“I think there is a great need for businesses that are going to be open for business to be able just to continue to have a business and to do business, but we need to be in compliance with these new requirements,” he said.

“We’re going to see a lot of folks lose their business cards over the next few months.”

For more information on Oregon businesses, visit www.oregonbusinessregistry.com

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