Why are some Americans reluctant to talk about a recession?

Business Insider/Matt Zoller Seitz has been writing about the economy for nearly two decades.

He’s the author of “The Great Recession,” which was published in 2014 and is now a bestseller.

The author also teaches economics at the University of Maryland.

Seitz told Business Insider that people have been afraid of talking about the recession because of the stigma attached to talking about it.

“The public will never be convinced that it is actually real unless they get caught saying it,” he said.

He also said the public tends to be more cynical and more willing to believe that things aren’t always what they seem.

“We’re more forgiving of people who are lying,” he explained.

He said that people are also less likely to believe in a government solution to the recession and that people often feel they need to blame others for their own difficulties.

He added that the government needs to be involved more in helping the economy recover.

“In the long run, it is very hard to have a conversation about the causes of the crisis without having a government that is involved,” he noted.

In the meantime, Seitz suggested that the focus should be on how to create jobs in the meantime.

“People are worried about the job market and that’s one of the most important things to try to do,” he told Business News Daily.

“I think the most effective way to do that is to find ways to create some jobs that are actually doing something productive.”

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