‘The Great Designer of All Time’: New book by fashion designer ‘The New Great Designer’ opens with an

on fashion magazine covers. 

 New York Times Magazine cover, June 15, 1950, by D.C. Davis. 

“My favorite part of it is that you can’t tell when the cover is going to fall out of fashion and how many times it’s gone.

That’s what makes it so satisfying to look at.” 

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Drawn by a stylist by the name of Dr. Joseph P. Brown, the magazine covers featured celebrities and designers from around the world, from the likes of Audrey Hepburn to Joan Crawford, and even posed the famous Marilyn Monroe in a variety of poses. 

The cover for Cosmo in 1949, by D.

C Davis.

“I’m a pretty big fan of this kind of design.

I like to think that, because it’s so simple and it’s not complicated, it can be fun and exciting and inspiring.” 

Hulton Archive/Getty The Cosmo cover from 1949, Dewey Brown and Charles B. Wilson.

Deweys is a great name to start with, and it sounds like his cover of Cosmo is a little more complex.

He used an actual magazine cover as a starting point, and the photographer took photos of the models’ faces and then drew on those.

The Cosmo covers were published in the fall of 1949. 

Dylan Trussell/Getty “I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of photography as a form of expression and how it’s a way to create an image.

Photography is a kind of painting that’s being expressed.

You’re painting something, but the medium is being expressed.” 

Caitlin Tatum/Getty “It was just a way of getting a little bit of fun out of the experience of photographing.” 

Maurice Ravelo/Getty

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