How to dress for the workplace

Business attire for a business can be a business necessity, but sometimes it’s better to just wear what you have.

That’s the gist of the advice given by a leading business attire expert, who spoke to The Irish Times.

Speaking to the RTE Business section, senior fashion expert and fashion historian Dr Mary O’Brien said: “If you want to look good, you need to wear what suits you.

If you don’t, you might as well not wear it.””

You have to be careful not to take your business too seriously, but if you’re serious, wear it well.””

If you don�t, you have to wear it with a bit of humour.

I’m not going to judge you for not knowing the rules.”

The expert said a business casual shirt is best worn by a business person who wants to look more professional and professional looking.

“You don�tt have to go out and dress up to the nines.

I know many people who have worn it and they have done well,” she said.”

I also like to think about the people who wear it.

It’s important that you look professional and look confident.

It makes people feel comfortable, and it makes them look professional.”

Dr O’Briens advice comes as part of a new RTE Fashion Week programme called The Challenge, which sees students from around the country compete in a variety of activities.

“It�s a challenge for us to get people to look professional, but it�s also a challenge to them to look their best,” she explained.

“They have to find their own style.

We want people to come out with a new style of style and a new attitude to fashion.

It�s all about the clothes, and they should know the difference.”Dr Mary O�Brien is a senior fashion historian and author of “Business attire for business”.

The Challenge is a collaboration between RTE and the Fine Arts Centre of Ireland (FACT) and the RISE Foundation.

Read more about the Challenge:The challenge has taken place in Dublin since October and participants have included representatives from The Irish Examiner, The Irish Independent, The Independent, the Irish Times, the Financial Times, and the Irish Examiner website.

Dr O�Brians advice has been published in The Irish Post, and in The Business section of the newspaper.

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