Trudeau and Mulcair have ‘no choice’ but to step aside

In a rare moment of unity, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair have announced they will step down.

The NDP leader said in a statement Thursday that the decision was made because “the time has come for the leadership of the country to change.”

Trudeau will take up the reins at a news conference on Friday, with a prime minister’s question-and-answer session scheduled for Sunday.

Mulcair said he and Trudeau “are going to focus on building a better Canada,” and have promised “to fight for Canadians who need help most.”

The two leaders have clashed in recent weeks over a number of issues, including the economy, health care and the war in Syria.

Mulcair and Trudeau have called on their supporters to sign up to an online petition calling on them to step down by March 21.

The leaders also have clashed over Canada’s role in the war on terrorism.

Trudeau has called for Canada to send more troops to the Middle East and has repeatedly criticized the Conservatives for failing to do so.

Mulcair has said Canada has a strategic role in fighting the Islamic State group.

Trudeau, who won a leadership race last fall, has called the conflict in Syria a “war on humanity.”

Trudeau is a Liberal who came to power in 2015 promising to put an end to Harper’s Conservative government’s policies in Syria and Iraq.

Trudeau also has promised to support the Syrian people.

In a speech to the Conservative party faithful last week, Trudeau said he is proud to have been a “long-time Liberal” and that he will continue to “fight for Canadians and the interests of Canada’s Middle East allies.”

Trudeau said during his election campaign that he would continue to work to ensure that Canadians have the opportunity to “have a voice in our country.”

But he has been criticized for not doing enough to support Canadian forces fighting the IS group.

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