How to spend $2 million on a business degree

Business casual men are on the rise, according to a new report from business education provider Business Casual Men.

The firm said there were a total of more than 3.4 million business casual men in the US in 2016, up from 2.7 million the previous year.

The number of men with a business casual degree grew by nearly 6 percent, to 4.5 million, with an increase in those with a bachelor’s degree or more.

The business casual job market has grown to nearly 6.5 billion in 2020, up 8.5 percent from last year, according the report.

The growth in the job market was driven by a sharp increase in men with bachelor’s degrees and masters degrees, the report said.

However, the study said the job growth for women was weaker than for men.

“This is largely due to the fact that women have lower levels of education, more limited time to complete a bachelor of science degree and typically have less experience,” it said.

“There are also many women with less education, less time to work on a project, and fewer options for career growth than men.”

The US unemployment rate for men and women, at 7.5% and 8.2%, respectively, was higher in 2016 than in 2020.

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