How to wear business casual attire to work

This is the first in a three-part series detailing what you need to know when it comes to business casual wear at work.


What is business casual?

Business casual attire is generally worn for a variety of purposes and is typically worn by women, who may be younger, older, or have less money than men.


What’s the difference between casual wear and casual wear for men?

Business wear can include casual or business attire, but also covers everything from casual to formal wear.

Business casual attire also includes jeans, skirts, shirts, and shoes.


What are the differences between casual attire for women and casual attire in general?

There are three main differences between formal and casual clothing: formal wear, casual wear, and casual or formal attire.


Which of these options is best for me?

Business attire can be worn by both men and women, and can range from casual, formal, and formal to casual, casual, and informal.


Can I wear business attire in public?

Business apparel can be seen at almost any business or casual place, including bars, coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and more.


Can men wear business clothing?

Businesswear should always be worn in public and should not be worn under clothing.

However, men should wear formal business attire at all times.


How can I wear casual clothing to work?

When it comes time to work in the office, consider wearing casual attire as long as it does not come in the form of a suit or tuxedo.

Casual clothing can be paired with formal wear and can be tailored to fit the individual.


What if I have questions about casual or casual attire?

If you’re unsure about what is business attire or what it means to be casual, please contact us at [email protected] to speak with a sales rep or visit our FAQ page.