Lawsuit filed over FL business license

A Florida business owner is suing her former employer over the way she is allowed to run her business.

Key points: The lawsuit claims the state’s business license is based on a ‘grossly outdated’ state law that “undermines the right to be self-sufficient”The lawsuit says the law “undermine[s] the right of self-sufficiency”The Florida Department of Business Licensing and Regulatory Services (BDLS) says it has received a “lots of complaints” about the law.

It is one of several states that have passed laws that have been challenged in court.

“The State has a broad, expansive right to establish a business,” said Michael Schuette, a partner with the firm Jones Day who represents the owner of the St. Petersburg bar and restaurant The Red Tent.

“It’s one of those things that’s hard to define, and that’s where this comes in.

The lawsuit alleges that the FL Business License Law, signed by former Gov.

Rick Scott, was “a grossly outdated” law that the plaintiff’s business had to comply with.

The Florida Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on Tuesday in the case, which was filed in November.

The case is the latest in a string of legal challenges to the business license laws, which were passed after the state was hit with the Great Recession.”

When I started this bar in 2004, there was a lot of money in the bar, so I wanted to keep that money in my pocket,” said the owner.”

This is not something that is going to be going away,” she said.

The bar is a popular destination for Florida tourists and the state government has been spending millions on advertising and public relations to promote the area.”

We’re trying to get as many people as possible to come here to the bar,” Ms Schuett said.

She said the bar had been operating without a license for more than 10 years when it was hit by the FLBLS, and was forced to shut down in March.

Ms Schuettes lawyer, Michael Shuford, said the law was “outdated” and the business was not eligible for a business license.”

If a business has no business license or is a small business, they are not allowed to operate as a business and therefore are not able to sell their products and services,” Mr Shufords statement read.

Ms Shufrells lawsuit argues that the law violates the First Amendment.”

Under the FLBDL, the right for a person to own a business is absolute,” the statement said.”

As a Florida resident, I am able to exercise that right and I am allowed to do so without being forced to conform to any arbitrary or discriminatory rules and regulations that are out there.”ABC News’ Kate Gartland reports.