Fox Business: Fox Business Hosts $15.7M Fox News Deal with Verizon Business

Fox Business hosts $15,7M deal with Verizon.

Fox Business host Andrea Tantaros will be the first female anchor on Fox News.

Fox News has confirmed that Fox Business anchor Andrea Tantarcos will become the first woman to anchor the network’s flagship news show, The Five, in 2021.

Tantaras debut will come at a time when the network has recently come under fire from some quarters, most notably for its coverage of the Donald Trump administration and its role in the 2016 presidential election.

Fox will announce the new anchor at a press conference on Tuesday, a Fox News spokesperson told Reuters.

Tantarcas contract will also include additional benefits and perks, including health insurance and access to Fox News’ social media platforms, the spokesperson said.

The Fox News contract with Verizon News Network, which includes Fox Business, is worth $8.4 million per year, including a $5.9 million upfront payment.

Tantars new contract also includes additional benefits, including $3.7 million in deferred compensation, according to Fox.

“As we have noted before, this is a very significant milestone for Andrea Tantaroos career,” said Steve Sussman, president of Fox Business Network, in a statement.

“This is a milestone in her career and her career at Fox News as we will all have to be watching her closely over the coming years as she prepares to take on this new role.”

Tantaroes announcement comes as other news outlets have reported the existence of a $1.9 billion deal to buy the New York Times.

The Times will buy the company’s print, digital and mobile publishing business, which will generate revenue of about $2.2 billion for the paper.

The deal, which was first reported by Reuters, also includes a $3 million upfront cash payment and a $500,000 “stock option” that Tantarios could exercise before joining the Times, according a person familiar with the transaction.

Tantaramos joins a growing list of women who have been tapped by the Times to join its digital operations.

Earlier this month, Amazon announced the hiring of Stephanie Guthrie as the Times’ vice president of digital, joining the news organization’s news operations, which are led by Pulitzer Prize winner James Risen.

Earlier in the year, CBS News announced the hire of Melissa Harris-Perry, who had previously worked at CBS News as an associate editor.

Tantareros appointment comes after she previously led the Times digital operations and served as the network news director.