Harvard Business School’s Business Search app launches to students and faculty

Harvard Business College (HBC) is launching a service that allows users to search and compare their business profiles on the same business page.

The company says the tool, called “Business Search,” will be available in the fall.

HBC also is developing a mobile app for users, and will release it next year.

“HBC is launching its first ever Business Search application for students and staff,” said the university in a press release on Tuesday.

The app lets users search their own business and other businesses, then compare their profiles and ratings to those of their competitors, like Google, Amazon and Yahoo.

It also includes ratings for companies that compete with the company, such as Uber and Lyft.

Hbc said that students and employees can access the app through a “web browser,” which means that the app is only available to the same users at a single time.

“Our aim with this new product is to give our students and the world a real-time access to their own profiles, their competitors and the information they need to compete with them,” said David Langer, a vice president for research and innovation at HBC.

The program, which is being launched as a one-year pilot, was developed in partnership with Harvard Business Analytics, the company that oversees HBC’s data analytics.

“It will give students and students-to-be the ability to make more informed decisions about their own careers and business,” said HBC President Langer.

The service is being created by HBC for students who want to become better business owners and for people who want the tools to find new businesses to pursue, Langer said.

It will allow users to compare their company and other companies in a single view, and to quickly find other people’s profiles and their ratings.

It is available in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Apple Safari.

The launch of the app comes as the university faces a backlash from students and others over the handling of sexual misconduct allegations against a former professor.

A federal investigation is looking into whether HBC mishandled the allegations against professor Kevin Warwick, who left the university after more than two decades in his job.

Warwick has been suspended from the school pending an investigation.

The HBC program was launched to offer students a more efficient way to search for businesses and jobs, Lager said.

“The fact that we are making this available to our students is a great example of how we can make this better for everyone,” he said.

The Harvard Business analytics group, which runs the university’s business school and other programs, is looking for ideas for new business search apps.

It has been working with Google and Facebook to help develop the platform, which will allow HBC students to search through their profiles.

“We have been looking for ways to make our students’ profiles more accessible, including through a web browser,” said Langer in a statement.

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